“It is up to all of us to get involved to ensure that the Internet, as IoT/IoE unfolds, continues to be a powerful force for improving people’s lives.”

Dave Evans, Chief Futurist, Cisco

About the Cisco Security Grand Challenge

The Cisco Security Grand Challenge is a global, industry-wide initiative to bring the security community together to address securing the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart, internet-enabled devices are growing at an exponential pace with wearable devices, kitchen appliances, connected cars or healthcare devices more and more commonplace, and expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020. For these devices to deliver on the promise of a connected future, we need strong security for “thing-based” solutions.

With IoT as a significant part of a larger Internet of Everything (IoE) that brings together connected devices with people, process and data, it’s even more imperative that we ensure the things we connect are secure.

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Get Ready to Respond by June 17, 2014

Cisco and NineSigma are inviting proposals from the global security community for innovative solutions to secure the “Internet of Things”: to deliver intelligent cybersecurity solutions for the real world, addressing threats before, during, and after an attack. Specific focus areas for the Cisco Security Grand Challenge include malware defense, security credential management, and privacy protection.

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