F ace to face no longer means having to be in the same room. Meeting by video can be just as personal and a lot more convenient. The Cisco Mobile Advisor solution takes the impersonal transaction and turns it into a personal interaction. You can give your customers or end users a high-quality mobile video experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The financial services sector is using this new approach with great success. One example of the Cisco Mobile Advisor is implemented by a global credit card company. When a premium credit card member initiates a video call from a mobile app for membership rewards, the call is routed based on caller status, profile, product, and other attributes to the credit card agent. Account information, webpage, and other context information are also delivered to the agent and the experience enhanced with two-way video. With the addition of file sharing and annotation capabilities provided by Mobile Advisor, the credit card agent provides personal and meaningful assistance to the cardholder.

Private wealth managers are taking a similar approach. The Mobile Advisor solution enables wealth managers to meet with their high–net worth clients in a personal, secure, and convenient environment. Mobile Advisor offers the flexibility to bring additional experts such as tax and legal consultants to the meeting and allows documents to be shared real time. The convenience and security of the interaction leads to higher customer satisfaction and greater revenue.

Mobile Advisor can increase effectiveness in other industry areas as well. Both the healthcare and retail industries are seeing the benefits of mobile interactive video.

In healthcare, a pathologist in a hospital working with a radiologist to assess a patient’s condition uses Cisco Mobile Advisor with two-way audio and video to share images, allowing the two doctors to easily collaborate and even record the meeting for later playback.

In retail, customers have increasing expectations for immediacy; they want answers quickly. Whether the question relates to an order or to product detail, faster answers equate to more sales.


Imagine how this technology can improve your world.

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