M ore than 10 billion mobile devices are projected to be in use by 2016, and 71 percent of data traffic is expected to be video by that time as well. Teams and venues around the world understand that fans are demanding to be connected, engaged, able to interact, and be given an all-encompassing multimedia using their mobile devices.

Cisco’s mission is to continue to “connect the unconnected.” Fans in more than 190 venues in 30 different countries are now able to experience this in a stadium near them. From live video feeds and content on the big screen, to digital displays, and now down to mobile devices, venues can provide the interactive and personalized multimedia experience their fans crave. Whether they’re in their seats, buying food at a concession stand, or on the go, they will participate in and share live event-day action like never before.

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In addition to providing a more immersive, connected, visual, and engaged experience that places tens of thousands of fans at the center of the action, the Cisco Connected Sports portfolio opens business opportunities for the venue and teams through targeted advertising, sponsorship activations, promotions, branding and more.

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Sponsors and advertisers can customize their messages to select audiences - from the VIP and club areas to the general concourses and even down to the individual level - providing unprecedented segmentation capabilities to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Every event becomes a customized experience with branded digital content.

Control and manage messages, event information, and promotions to run at any specific time on any specific screen.
Build digital menu boards with items and pricing based on fan demographics or around a specific time during the event.
Instantly turn digital content into real-time directional messaging, significantly improving evacuation times, traffic management, and more.
Give fans the opportunity to participate in - and pay for - exclusive in-stadium services such as special video channels or instant access to team stats.
Even sell excess inventory of premium seats or VIP Club access with instant upgrades.

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Underneath it all, what makes all these experiences and opportunities possible is a single, sustainable, customized network, Connected Stadium, designed in partnership with leading sports and entertainment properties around the world. Together, we have developed solutions that help overcome today’s challenges, while providing a platform that is flexible and reliable enough to support new opportunities and fuel innovation.

The industry leaders recognize that the new fan experience must be a connected one, capable of delivering new experiences and enabling fans to use their personal mobile devices to interact at all times, whether that is watching live video, ordering food, purchasing merchandise, or interacting with the thousands of fans in the venue or around the world through social media.

This season, fans can experience one or more of these immersive experiences in such iconic places as Real Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Wembley Stadium, Millennium Stadium, The O2 Arena (London) and Amsterdam Arena.

And this is just the beginning. It’s all part of the Internet of Things. As we look ahead to a not too distant future, the possibilities that the Internet of Everything will bring for sports teams, leagues, venues, and fans are endless. Cisco will be at the center of these opportunities, because our intelligent networks will continue to connect the unconnected elements in sports and live events and, in turn, create more realtime experiences. We are doing it today, and we will be doing it in the future. Tomorrow starts here.

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56% believe HD video throughout the stadium would enhance the experience

44% demand constant connectivity in the stadium

41% want live, unique perspectives and views of the game

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