We've been busy over the last 12 months, sourcing and integrating technology organizations that match our aspirations around enablement of the Internet of Everything.

November 2012



Meraki complements and expands our strategy to offer more software-centric solutions to simplify network management and help customers empower mobile workforces. Meraki's cloud networking solutions will expand our network offerings by strengthening our Unified Access platform, making IT more responsive to business innovation by uniting wired and wireless networks, policy, and management into one integrated network infrastructure.

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Cloupia's infrastructure management software enhances our Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS®) and Cisco Nexus® switching portfolio with a single “pane of glass” view into the automation of compute, network, storage, virtual machine, and operating system resources. Enterprises and service providers can transparently manage pools of computing power, network services, storage, and virtual machines as a unified whole in order to deploy and deliver IT services more rapidly and at lower costs.

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(now Cisco Quantum WAN Orchestration)
Cariden's products and technology will advance our nLight technology for IP and optical convergence. This acquisition also supports our Open Network Environment(ONE) strategy by providing sophisticated wide area networking (WAN) orchestration capabilities, which will allow service providers to improve both the programmability of their networks and the utilization of existing network assets across the IP and optical transport layers.

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December 2012


BroadHop’s policy control solutions for mobile and fixed networks (now Cisco Quantum Policy suite) enable service providers with the flexibility to control, monetize, and personalize the types of service they choose, on any network. A service provider can integrate BroadHop technology to enable end users to purchase customized premium service packages. In return, the user is granted a high level of service and premium bandwidth to make sure of the best possible experience.

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January 2013



The proliferation of connected mobile devices, faster network speeds, and growing demand for high-bandwidth applications and services is promoting greater network traffic and complexity. As mobile service provider face increased end-user demand, the need to dynamically manage network bandwidth, usage, and services is increasing. Intucell's Self-Optimizing Network (SON) software platform addresses these challenges by examining the network, identifying issues, and intelligently managing network traffic in real time.

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Cognitive Security

Our cloud-based global threat intelligence and Cognitive Security's real-time behavioral analytics will integrate to a common policy engine that controls distributed network enforcement in an intelligent network and mitigates advanced cyber threats. Today's IT security threats are more targeted, complex, and disruptive than ever before. Cognitive Security's technology identifies and detects security anomalies and enables us to uniquely address our customers' security requirements.

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March 2013



The SolveDirect acquisition aligns to our goal of developing and delivering innovative solutions that simplify data and workflows across a unified network. ServiceGrid, SolveDirect's cloud-based solution, offers enterprises and service providers a flexible way to integrate with service partners and automate sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real time by eliminating manual practices and bottlenecks, fostering significant operational efficiencies.

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April 2013



The acquisition of Ubiquisys exemplifies our innovation framework based on a build, buy, and partner approach. It also complements our mobility strategy along with the recent acquisitions of BroadHop and Intucell, reinforcing in-house research and development, such as service provider Wi-Fi and licensed radio. These technologies will tie together the mobility architecture that uses the intelligence of the network from the wireless edge into the wired core.

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May 2013



The Joulex acquisition will help us extend our Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities as well as tie the physical to the virtual world by assigning energy allocations to virtual machines. The technology, which integrates with Cisco EnergyWise™, enables companies to apply policies that reduce energy consumption, cut costs, better manage their IT device energy spend, and enable more efficient utilization of capacity in the data center.

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June 2013



Composite's software integrates traditional and new data sources, including cloud and big data, into a simplified, consolidated view that enables organizations to make better, more informed decisions in real time. Composite builds on our framework for a unified platform, expands our portfolio of Smart Services, and extends our next-generation services platform by connecting data and infrastructure. This connection maximizes the benefits of data virtualization and accelerates the shift from physical data integration to data virtualization.

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July 2013



Mobility, cloud, and the evolution of the “Internet of Everything” are drastically changing today's IT security landscape, making traditional disparate products insufficient to protect organizations from dynamic threats. Sourcefire's next-generation intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, and advanced malware protection will accelerate delivery of our security strategy of defending, discovering, and remediating advanced threats. Sourcefire aligns with our vision of the network's critical role in cybersecurity.

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