I read a fascinating article recently by Thomas Friedman, author of bestseller “The World is Flat”, which he published a decade ago. Friedman sees that we are entering a world that increasingly rewards aspiration, persistence and talent. It is a world that requires us to learn much more about investing in ourselves in order to succeed.

He believes that the connectivity delivered by today’s technology combined with our innate creativity has created a global education, communication and innovation platform on which more people can collaborate and learn than ever before. In today’s hyper connected world, Friedman argues, if we are not self-motivated, getting ahead will be a challenge. To an extent, this was always the case. For me, one of the most exciting and powerful aspects of all this is the potential it unleashes - from more people.

Talking about talent and investing in people, I was thrilled when I was asked to co-host Cisco's EMEAR welcome session for our “Girls in ICT Day”. The event formed part of an annual initiative, organised by the International Telecommunications Union, as part of the United Nations' aims to encourage information and communications technology organisations to host activities for girls to improve their understanding of careers in the technology industry. It was a privilege to engage with these young individuals as they begin to consider their future careers.

In this edition of Services Dynamics, I took part in an interview about my role and views, which you can read here. As security issues continue to be part of boardroom discussions, we have an executive perspective from Christopher Young, SVP of Security and Compliance at Cisco, and you can get free access to an exclusive security white paper written by our own EMEAR Security Services experts.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Cisco Services Dynamics.

Paula Dowdy Senior Vice President, Services Sales, Cisco Systems, EMEAR

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