New study reveals how a composite customer achieved more than 200% return on investment1 from Cisco Network Optimization Service.

By taking a more proactive approach to your core infrastructure - one of constant optimization - you can make sure your organization stays agile and moves beyond the “update and leave it alone” IT scenario. To help you maintain optimal network performance, save costs, and promote business growth, Cisco Network Optimization Service combines proactive support, best practices, automated tools, and expert guidance into one service that covers every aspect of your network. 

And as priorities evolve, you have the flexibility to adapt Cisco service resources to focus on new challenges. Your Cisco Network Optimization Service engineer is your trusted advisor and strategic partner - helping you harness the full power of your network.

“Just in terms of reduced downtime support and troubleshooting, it (Cisco Network Optimization Service) paid for itself almost immediately.” Senior Manager, Network Engineering, Healthcare Organization

In December 2012, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the Total Economic Impact (TEI)™ and potential return-on-investment (ROI) that organizations may realize by engaging with Cisco Network Optimization Service (NOS). Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with executives from five Cisco customers that have implemented Network Optimization Service. The purpose of this study is to give readers a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of engaging with Cisco Network Optimization Services for their organization. TEI is a standard methodology developed by Forrester Research that captures and quantifies the voice of the customer relative to technology investments.

“My primary reason for the Cisco Network Optimization Service engagement has been the level of expertise it brings to your team.” Principal Manager, Network Operations Group, Electrical Utility

Customer interviews conducted by Forrester Consulting provided valuable insight into business benefits realized with Cisco Network Optimization Service.

  • Reduced downtime: a standardized approach to processes and best practices improved network stability and security, and access to top level Cisco engineers provided faster problem resolution
  • Network innovation: proactive project planning and recommendations on network virtualization design and implementation delivered innovation
  • Cost reduction: managing the network more effectively through configuration best practices eliminated the need for additional resources
  • Risk mitigation: organizations with regulatory concerns engaged Cisco Network Optimization Service to manage risk and improve compliance to avoid potential fines

Highlights from the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study

More than 200% Return on Investment*

Based upon the customer interview data and advanced analysis, Forrester developed a composite customer, Organization A, a multi-national enterprise with 40,000 employees. They evaluated the costs, benefits, and return-on-investment (ROI) that the composite customer realized from its Network Optimization Service investment. The results? Organization A achieved more than 200% ROI with almost immediate payback.

Productivity Gains

Working with Cisco Network Optimization Service improved the productivity of Organization A’s network engineering team by 25%. By outsourcing such tasks as lifecycle management, troubleshooting, and issue resolution to Cisco, the composite customer benefitted from reduced downtime and its engineers were able to spend more of their time on strategic projects.

Resource Augmentation

Organization A was able to avoid hiring three additional highly skilled network engineers because of its Cisco engineer support and access to smart service capabilities and best practices. This resource augmentation resulted in a total saving of $1,188,000.

Leveraging New and Dormant Technology Assets

Organization A had been paying for extra bandwidth protection that it wasn’t using. They saved $3 million over three years when Cisco Network Optimization Service engineers recommended the network be configured to loadshare across telco carriers.

Avoiding Costs

By using Cisco Network Optimization Service to help support configuration design, implementation planning, and testing, Organization A was able to avoid the cost of additional professional services saving $150,000 per year, totalling $450,000 over three years.

Reduced Downtime

Standardizing its network with help from Cisco, Organization A was able to reduce downtime in its core systems by one hour per year. Over three years, this resulted in a total saving of $923,077.   

1 and *: Based on a three-year risk-adjusted return on investment. Source: “The Total Economic Impact™ of Cisco Network Optimization Service,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco, March 2013.

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