Transforming your data center can be a bit like starting a new job. On the first day, you might feel utterly clueless about where to begin, or you might have a solid idea of your focus areas but might not be entirely certain of the best way to get lasting, positive results. As with your career, you also want your data center to live up to its full potential.

Having a reliable and agile data center is crucial to accomplishing both your IT and business goals. And as you continue to evolve your business, it should be designed and enhanced to run as a flexible business platform to meet your needs. The 2012 Gartner CIO Agenda Report noted that “CIOs concentrating on IT as a force of operational automation, integration and control are losing ground to executives, including fellow CIOs, who see technology as a business driver and source of innovation.” The data center should play an important role in helping your organization get ahead of the curve to take advantage of new business models, such as cloud, that can create new revenue streams, improve productivity, and deliver other benefits. For example, a consulting firm might virtualize its data center and host applications in the cloud to quickly introduce new client services and increase revenue.

Fortunately, there is a simple, systematic way to approach the challenge and accelerate the transformation of your data center. Cisco has grown a leading position in data center and cloud computing over the past few years. Cisco Services has mirrored this growth, and we have applied our extensive deployment experience to crystalize the Cisco Domain TenSM framework out of the existing complexity in the data center. To guide your data center and cloud transformation initiatives, Cisco Domain TenSM serves as a framework to remove complexity and help you focus your energy and resources on the IT activities that will make the biggest difference, in the combination and order that will be most effective for your unique situation.

Cisco Domain TenSM gives you a holistic view of your data center while also allowing you to target the areas that demand attention first, as well as identify gaps and interdependencies between functions. Plus, its usefulness is not limited to a particular type of company; Cisco Domain TenSM can be applied as a guiding framework for enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations alike.

The framework covers the 10 major areas that an organization must consider to successfully transform the data center into a more agile, cost-effective business resource. Cisco Domain TenSM covers all of the important aspects of infrastructure, virtualization, automation, software platform and applications to help you create an architectural roadmap, whether you want to take advantage of virtualization or want to move to the cloud. In addition to technology considerations, it creates considered focus on security, compliance, process, and governance implications.


The first step is to picture your data center as being divided into individual functional areas, each playing an important role on its own and also cooperating with the other necessary functions to keep your data center running smoothly.

So how could an organization use Cisco Domain TenSM?

As an example, an enterprise moving to the cloud might have its physical infrastructure already in place but might need to identify how its user portal affects, or is affected by, other functional areas of the data center. The user portal, a software solution that allows users to place requests for IT resources using web-based access, is domain 4. Using the Domain TenSM framework, the organization can understand the importance of standardizing on a portal because it can see how the user portal domain is closely tied to domains 5 and 6 - service catalog and service financial management — and how the three domains relate and interact together to support consistent ordering and delivery processes through automation and IT policy enforcement.

Applying the Domain TenSM framework in a structured and comprehensive way can help you plan, build, and manage your data center to align with your business strategy, stay competitive, improve efficiencies, and better respond to customers’ expectations. Cisco Services can help you achieve these goals and help you achieve the maximum potential for your data center. We have service offerings that address your challenges in each of the ten domains, so please contact your Cisco Services account manager to benefit from Cisco Domain TenSM and our expertise.


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