The New Cisco Branding

Described by some commentators as bringing Cisco “back to its roots”, our new branding campaign goes even further by exploring “the Internet of Everything” – the value that happens when we connect the previously unconnected – people, process, things and data.

After a successful 6 year run with “The Human Network” campaign to cement our position as the number one networking company in the world, our new branding campaign goes even further by envisaging the possibilities of what happens when we connect the 37 billion new things to the internet along with the 2.5 billion people who will connect for the first time, in the next 8 years.

In a recent presentation to analysts, John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco®, commented “We have the innovation engine, the talent and experience, the open dialog with customers, the world’s best ecosystem of partners and resellers, and the broadest portfolio of industry-leading networking solutions, services, and business architectures to back it up. The truth is, as big data, cloud computing, BYOD and mobility, and a new breed of software applications continue to shape the foreseeable future, networks will require ever more intelligence – not less – in order to effectively cope with the increased complexity. Creating order out of chaos is what Cisco does best, and frankly, we’ve never seen more business opportunities than we do today.”

“In the end, however, the Internet of Everything is bigger than Cisco – or any company, for that matter; it will require unprecedented cooperation between many companies and organizations. Ultimately, we believe that the success and impact of the Internet of Everything will be measured by the extent to which we’re able to harness it to benefit humanity. With this in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds,” Chambers concluded.

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