Many enterprises today have embraced an architectural vision of converged networks and are racing to roll out rich sets of services across the network. Enterprises are managing shorter times between conceiving and producing new services, and after those services are live, user expectations are increasing exponentially, fuelled by policies such as bring your own device (BYOD).

Our customers have told us they need simple, secure, and effective service solutions to address these complex challenges and to realize the full value of their network, IT, and communications investments faster. In response, we are rationalizing our services offerings, and creating a portfolio of services that are simple to understand, relevant and smart. These services range from basic product-attached technical support to full operation of a given solution.

What does a simple, relevant, smart Cisco Services portfolio mean for you?

Simple: To make services easier to understand and consume, we are evolving from offering disparate services for each architecture to 10 consistent services aligned to the 3 phases of any technology project or solution. Services align to the plan, build, and manage stages of the project or solution, irrespective of the architecture.

Relevant: Because many of our customers align their operations to the ITIL® framework, we are more closely aligning our service portfolio to it. We are also aligning our services to business and architectural solutions with clearly defined outcomes.

Smart: Enterprise network services are transforming, fostered by the complexity and demands of the business and technology environment, and people intensive processes are being replaced with software automation. Smart service capabilities automate the analysis of diagnostic data and correlate it with Cisco’s deep knowledge base through software analytics. This automation helps enterprises deliver consistent results, reduce costs, implement solutions faster, and reduce risk in solution deployment and operations. You get the benefit of Cisco’s 25 years of industry experience with more than 50 million installed devices and 6 million annual customer interactions.



Developing an Architectural Strategy, a Transformational Roadmap, and Designs

  • Strategy and analysis services help you to effectively support new and future business requirements by creating architectural strategies and roadmaps for transforming your network architecture and operations management.
  • Assessment services help you determine your IT and network infrastructure's compliance to best practices and policies and/or readiness to support a new technology, application, architecture, or solution.
  • Design services help you create a flexible, resilient, and scalable architectural foundation to support your business solutions by developing designs for your IT and network infrastructure, applications, operations processes, and network management.



Validating, Implementing, and Migrating New Solutions and Applications

  • Validation services help you confirm that your solution meets your requirements for availability, security, reliability, and performance through assessment and issue resolution in a lab environment before implementation in your production network.
  • Deployment services help you successfully deploy new IT and network solutions or applications. Expert assistance helps you to reduce delays, rework, and other problems during implementation; decrease disruption to your production network during deployment; and realize business and technical goals of the new solution.
  • Migration services help you to control costs, improve operational excellence, and mitigate risk during device, network, and software refreshes. With a systematic and efficient approach to upgrading the network infrastructure, you can more effectively budget for network operations costs, reduce system outages, and support issues.



Optimizing Infrastructure, Applications, and Service Management

  • Operations management services help you simplify network and IT operations, lower the total cost of network ownership, and accelerate adoption of advanced technologies while retaining visibility and control in alignment with industry standard processes such as ITIL.
  • Optimization services help you to optimize your network and IT infrastructure, applications, and servicemanagement. They identify gaps, deliver recommendations, and provide expert support so you can improve the performance, availability, resiliency, and visibility of your network and IT services and prepare the network and IT infrastructure for change.
  • Solution support services help you increase solution uptime and employee productivity by providing priority access to dedicated and focused resources to manage, troubleshoot, and speed resolution of issues that might arise within complex, multivendor solutions.
  • Product support services help you increase operational efficiency, lower support costs, and improve availability risk management through automated network equipment inventory management and award-winning support. With these services, you can more effectively manage risk, plan for equipment upgrades, and comply with your corporate policies.
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