Cisco Systems was the official network infrastructure supporter for the 2012 Games, and provided routing, switching, network and Wi-Fi. Cisco worked closely with BT Global Services, the official communications services partner, to create a mission critical network. To address the LOCOG communication challenge, a full suite of Cisco Collaboration solutions was brought into play.

“WebEx is a very powerful way of collaborating. We can work together around common plans and information, and that really deepens the relationship and makes it more effective”
Gerry Pennell, CIO, LOCOG

Running on the London 2012 network, Cisco Show and Share helped ensure that video content was stored, managed, and distributed in a secure and standardised manner. Maryam Ahmad, Technical Delivery Manager at LOCOG, says: “Cisco Services helped design, test, and deploy a Show and Share solution and, by tapping into their expertise, we managed to really improve the end user experience.”

Along with Show and Share, the Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE) allowed LOCOG to transcode videos quickly and effectively. Standardising the format and bit rate of the videos in this way limits the impact on the network, irrespective of which format the author uses. To complement the solution, Cisco WebEx and BT MeetMe provided a fully collaborative audio and web conferencing solution.

The Cisco collaboration services that we have, such as Show and Share, MXE, ECDS, and WebEx, have assisted us in becoming a more collaborative organisation,” says Ahmad. The LOCOG intranet is called The Knowledge, and it is the first point of call for all employees to access information. “When we implemented Show and Share, we straightaway integrated it with The Knowledge,” says Jo Simcox, Internal Communications Manager at LOCOG. “It’s proved a powerful way to enable the entire team to stay up-to-date.” The LOCOG HR organisation found Cisco WebEx invaluable in taking cost out of the recruitment process, while speeding up the identification and induction of new people.

Fast facts
Business challenge
  • Keeping a rapidly-growing workforce involved and informed, both during theplanning and decentralisation phases
  • Providing a productive means of interacting with geographically dispersed colleagues, partners, and stakeholders
Collaboration solution
  • Cisco Show and Share
  • Cisco Media Experience Engine
  • Cisco Advanced Services
Business results
  • Conferencing is more collaborative, productive, and cost effective
  • Improved agility of communications as teams disperse to venues
  • Video embedded as a mechanism to deliver executive briefings
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