Knowledge is power

Today, enabling business innovation and agility is about empowering your IT knowledge workers with the right kind of information. In order to accelerate the adoption of new network capabilities, your IT organisation must improve staff competency and confidence. The Cisco Technical Knowledge Library (TKL) service offers IT administrators, engineers, and network architects anytime, anywhere access to Cisco proprietary best practices that put a spotlight on technical innovationn or demonstrate how to maximise existing investments in Cisco solutions.

Cisco invests in your success

Whether you are a Cisco customer or a partner, Cisco wants you to be successful. An important element of your success is whether your IT staff is knowledgeable
and ready to fully utilise or optimise the capabilities of the network. For that to happen, your IT staff needs to go beyond product basics. It’s critical for your staff to
understand how to apply best practices so that they can successfully plan, build, or manage network infrastructure.

Get ready, better, and smarter

To date, Cisco TKL has helped more than 500 organisations and more than 10,000 users across the world. With Cisco’s continuing focus on your success, the TKL portal provides a pipeline of updated knowledge from field-proven or labtested expertise. Cisco TKL offers a breadth of knowledge resources spanning all three Cisco architectures — Borderless Network, Data Centre, and Collaboration. These knowledge resources will help you to become better and smarter so that you can invest your time on what matters most. The majority of the best practices in TKL are proprietary in nature, and are not available publicly on

What does TKL contain?

The Cisco Technical Knowledge Library is accessible 24/7 via a web portal or mobile device app, and hosts the following:

  • Proprietary best practices authored by Cisco’s Advanced Services engineers. You’ll find design and implementation guides, technical tips, interoperability guides, video-on demand presentations, and other self study resources
  • Experiential learning from industry leading, customer-facing labs that are aligned to the latest technologies and architectural designs
  • Test cases, benchmarking results, and recommendations from Cisco’s customer-centric solution test initiatives
  • A comprehensive collection of Cisco Press books in digital format
  • Access to Cisco Security IntelliShield feeds which provide daily actionable threat and vulnerability information alerts


Help on and off the job

Cisco’s best practices, based on many years of experience in the field, help your technical staff to eliminate common errors while designing, deploying, or transitioning to new network capabilities. At the same time, they provide practical tips that can be valuable in achieving or maintaining Cisco certifications. By exposing your staff to the ways in which other experts are solving complex technical challenges, you elevate their confidence and support them in achieving results at the pace of leading-edge technology.

Fast Facts
Return on investment

Imagine your engineering team spending significant time, effort, and resources to develop and validate a single best practice. Now imagine having to scale this for 1000 or 2000 best practices — a huge undertaking that may not be budgeted or even practical. A small investment in Cisco Technical Knowledge Library service opens the door to our collection of best practices - an investment that will not only make your engineering staff more productive, but can also save you precious dollars and time.

Business challenge
  • Improve time-to-competency
  • Improve confidence in adopting
  • new solutions
  • Expose staff to expert knowledge
  • Enhance network stability
Business benefits of TKL
  • Helps you drive the leading edge of technology
  • Minimises common errors and helps your IT organisation to successfully deploy Cisco solutions
  • Maximises your investment in Cisco products and technologies
  • Accelerates time-to-competency for new network capabilities
  • Increases long-term return on your human resources by facilitating their preparation and maintenance of Cisco certifications
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