The sensitive nature of Monuta’s workplaces unique demands on communication between its head office and customer service centre in Apeldoorn and 130 branch offices, exposing limitations of an ageing telephony system.

After talking to several providers, the company chose a Cisco based proposal for presence-enabled customer care. Key considerations included achieving a fast return on investment, while minimising risk and impact on cash flow. The solution included a financing package utilising the interest free offer as part of the Cisco Capital EasyLease program. This enabled Monuta to make36 monthly payments at 0% interest to cover its investment in a new Cisco LAN and suite of Cisco Unified Communications applications.

 “By introducing Cisco Capital, we were able to strengthen the business case and acquire more technology for our money,” says René Collé, Finance and ICT Director at Monuta. The solution will deliver Cisco IP Telephony to 350 users, while also optimising the company’s contact centre through the integration of Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express with advanced collaborative tools.

Monuta also invested in SMARTnet, Cisco’s award winning technical support and rapid fault resolution service. At the end of contract term, the company can transfer ownership of the assets or consider carrying out another technology refresh.

“Financing with Cisco Capital allowed us to spread the costs of the project and speed return on investment,” says Collé.“When you factor in IT efficiencies, call savings and productivity gains we expect the Cisco solution to pay for itself within two years.” Monuta has created a transparent environment where, using presence awareness, employees can view the availability of their colleagues based on their desktop, mobile, telephony and calendar information. As well as reducing communications delays, this has also improved contact centre productivity and response times,” says Collé.

Financing with Cisco Capital allowed us to spread the costs of the project and speed return on investment
René Collé, Director,
Finance and ICT, Monuta

Fast Facts
Business Challenge
  • Provide a better experience for customers
  • Accelerate return on investment
Collaboration Solution
  • Cisco Unified Communications
  • Cisco Capital EasyLease Finance Solution
Business Results
  • Reduced delays in communication
  • Increased agility and responsiveness
  • Faster payback, within two years
  • Improved cash flow management and reduced risk
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