"The other day I was reflecting on creating competitive advantage by simplifying IT management and service delivery.  

Then I thought some more.  Making the transition invariably requires greater insight into fragmented networks along with automated and accurate inventory management tools.  People, process, and systems re-engineering has to be in the mix too.

Although Cisco Services can help fill the gaps, the reality's never black and white.  And the European economic situation certainly isn't helping.  It means you're always revisiting plans to meet emerging balance sheet challenges.

That's why buying support services tends to rank behind the need to simply keep the lights on.

But thanks to Cisco Capital, it's no longer got to be that way"

Now, more than ever, transformational IT projects must be funded from their proceeds. The problem is the money doesn’t roll in until the project’s bedded in. And there’s no doubt services can help speed time to delivery.

Working at Cisco CapitalTM I know this more than most. Our customers regularly tell us that they’d love elastic budgets, stretchable to cover services.

Well, now they can, and so can you.

We’re creating new service and support models that’ll even meet with the hardwon approval of finance directors and procurement teams.

Our flexible financing solutions let you access subscription-based Cisco Services such as Cisco SMARTnet® and Advanced Services. And equipment not currently covered can be incorporated in a maintenance contract provided by Cisco too.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let’s look at a real-life example

Sven Jirgal shares his experience and shows how Cisco Services are becoming more affordable and accessible.

When Turkey’s Garanti Bank was seeking to improve service experience, we structured a deal that minimised costs and released capital for core banking activities. The Cisco solution delivers a better experience for clients, who can, for example, have virtual meetings with relationship managers from their mobiles.  Best of all, Garanti Bank was able to buy the complete solution—including a three-year Cisco SMARTnet Service contract— without delay.

After we got talking to Monuta, a Dutch funeral and financial services company, it was delighted to be able to fund a presence-enabled customer care solution, along with Cisco SMARTnet Service technical support and rapid fault resolution service. A financing package and interest-free terms were featured as part of the program. This allowed Monuta to make 36 monthly payments at 0% to cover a new Cisco local area network and Cisco Unified Communications applications. At the end of contract, the firm can take ownership of the assets or consider another technology refresh.

Looked at in a different way, in the majority of cases, Cisco Services funded by Cisco Capital quickly become self-funding. For example, by utilising the Cisco SMARTnet Total Care Service, you’ll get savings by matching cover and service levels on critical equipment or by spotting products that are end of life.

How to Take Advantage

To discuss how Cisco Capital could help you find more agile and effective service and support models, contact your:

  • Cisco partner
  • Cisco account manager
  • Cisco Capital financial solutions manager




Here are just a few reasons why you should consider moving to innovative service and support models funded by Cisco Capital:

  • De-risking and accelerating business growth
  • Matching technology costs to return on investment
  • Leverage current and future budgets for maximum business impact
  • Predictable and manageable payments, improving financial liquidity and preserving lines of credit
  • One monthly solution combining a multi-year Cisco service contract with Cisco hardware, software and services, and third-party equipment
  • Unique knowledge of Cisco solutions and the ability to provide competitive rates and financial structures
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