“The comprehensive support, deep expertise, and knowledge transfer in industry best practices that we get from Cisco Network Optimisation Service contribute to our more proactive, informed approach toward network operations”
Balázs Szabó, Communications Network Lead,
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt

Among Raiffeisen International's 15 banking subsidiaries, Raiffeisen Bank Zrt is the third-largest bank in the group and the sixth-largest bank in Hungary providing banking and investment services to consumers, corporations, and municipalities across 141 branch locations.

As communications network lead at Raiffeisen Bank Zrt, Balázs Szabó spearheads the company’s effort to maintain the high level of service the bank’s one million customers have come to expect.

Looking to drive greater operational efficiencies, Szabó worked closely with Cisco Services to define a holistic approach to achieving the bank’s network performance goals. The bank selected Cisco Network Optimisation Service (NOS) for ongoing expert support, network health assessments, strategic reviews, and robust learning opportunities for industry best practices. The service will help optimise the Cisco Borderless Network, the bank’s framework for providing secure, reliable and seamless access to resources from multiple locations and devices.

In addition to the dynamic reporting capabilities enabled by smart analytics, Network Optimisation Service provides Raiffeisen with access to Cisco consultants and engineers for ongoing performance improvement, something the team lacked while working with a previous vendor.

“The value of the Cisco Network Optimisation Service team has proven to be immeasurable in preparing our environment to support new devices and align design standards with recommended practices,” says Viktor Gódor, network engineer at Raiffeisen. “The team delivers the comprehensive feedback we need to make better decisions, faster.”

As part of the NOS, the new smart analytics offering has provided the greatest benefits to Raiffeisen with anytime, anywhere access to data and visibility into the bank’s network performance. “With the instant network snapshot that smart analytics provides, the feedback cycle is ten times faster than before, and it has reduced our time spent on data analysis and reporting by 50 percent,” says Szabó.


Fast Facts
Business Challenge
  • Deliver consistent and reliable network services at multiple locations
  • Translate complex network-performance data into business intelligence
  • Improve strategic planning and design of the network infrastructure
Network Solution
  • Cisco Network Optimisation Service
  • Network performance analytics
  • Network maturity benchmarking analytics
Business Results
  • Accelerated data analysis and report generation by 50%
  • Optimised network infrastructure
  • Improved compliance with policies and best practices
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