Everyone is wrestling with the challenge of embracing disruptive but potentially transformative new solutions without compromising operations that rely on IT as a critical enabler. No one can afford downtime.

The Next Generation's Digital Age is Here and Now

We are experiencing one of the greatest market transformations since e-business began. The convergence of mobile computing, cloud technologies, apps, the Internet of Everything (IoE), and a social media revolution is fostering entirely new business models and possibilities. We estimate the commercial value of the IoE as $19 trillion over the next 10 years.

A core goal for business is to grow profitably by increasing market share. This means innovating to sustain competitive advantage, staying agile as you grow, driving margin and cost reduction, managing risk, and adhering to regulatory compliance. The new landscape offers innovative answers and unprecedented opportunities. The right solution can be a powerful differentiator, even an industry game changer.

The exponential increase in connected devices, together with the complexity of managing security threats, big data, mobility, M2M data policies, and data protection in this interconnected world, increases the risk of downtime.

A July 2013 ITIC survey showed that for more than 95 percent of large enterprises, one hour of downtime a year costs more than $100,000. More than 50 percent say the cost exceeds $300,000, and 11 percent say downtime costs them $1 million or more per hour.

For business dependent on data transactions such as banks, stock exchanges, online retailers, or utility firms, losses might equal millions of dollars a minute.

A New Partnership Between Companies and Their IT Suppliers

In this new world, the relationships between companies and their IT partners are changing. As business and

IT leaders look to explore and embrace next-generation solutions while protecting their existing business and operational outcomes cost-effectively, they seek IT partners that can support them in both respects.

Our 25-year track record of being at the forefront of new transitions is built on partnership with customers who want to lead evolution in their industry. These collaborations have often been built on trust established through unrivalled services and support. Customers have been able to focus on business goals, knowing that the network backbone of their operations is in safe hands.

The next digital age will extend and deepen the synergy between customers and IT providers as they work together to use the IoE. An organization’s technology platform is like a living organism—interconnected and interdependent—so understanding how each system affects others and how they interact is essential.

Maintaining the breadth of skills to support such complex platforms and scaling to support a proliferation of connected devices will not be practical or cost-effective for most organizations and could affect agility. Trusted technology partners will need to become an extension of their customers’ infrastructure, absorbing the complexity and risk while enabling customers to make use of the full business value from IT investments to deliver tangible and transformative business outcomes.

Automation Will Be Crucial

With a projected 19 billion Internetconnected devices, traditional support models simply will not scale to meet demand. As other industries have found, automation will be crucial. Smart analytics and automated eventbased agents that are adaptive and aware of the rest of the environment are the only way forward, and equipment and solutions must be developed with this in mind.

Our reputation for seeing the future is hard won, through vision and venture, backed by R&D and skills investment. Being at the forefront of the industry, we have been preparing for this technological shift for years. It has shaped the design of our products and the direction of our end-to-end services portfolio, with strong emphasis on smart analytics, automation, selfhealing networks, and flexible deployment options, so that companies can identify, migrate, preempt, and manage risk their way.

Phil Wolfenden, VP, Techincal Services EMEAR

In this new world, only providers with smart-enabled equipment that can offer everything, from traditional or managed services to hosted solutions and cloud brokerage, can support customers successfully through these exciting times. The breadth of capability will be the table stakes for IT partners, to allow their customers to focus on innovating and deciding what outcomes they need, rather than how they are going to achieve those outcomes.

Together with our partner network, we have worked hard and smart to be the best choice when customers are ready to embrace all that the Internet of Everything has to offer. We are ready when you are.